So you decided to homeschool but you are worried because your income is limited. You want to provide your child with the best homeschooling experience. You have done varies online searches with inquiries of affordable curriculums and more. Here I will be providing top ways to save money while homeschooling. If I’m missing something feel free to add in my comment section. 😉


The library is filled with tons of resource to help you homeschool your little one. My library has books for sale for as little as fifty cents. I heard people buy books at their local library for as little as .25¢. At my library, I have gotten 4 free zoo pass to the Atlanta Zoo but you have to watch a video first. I also received free admission to Chehaw Park and Zoo.

As a member, I receive free access to books, audible and magazines online. I’m able to download an app which allows me to search for books and place them on hold so I can pick up at the library when it is ready. I use the library before making certain book purchases which saves a lot of money.


There are so many ad-free apps available for free you can download from the play store, Amazon and Apple.

Free Homeschool Curriculum and resource