The day I learned Cursive

Hi, my name is Heaven. I’m seven years old. I’m homeschooled in 3rd grade. I wanted to share with you how I learned to write cursive. It started when I was in kindergarten. I was not fully homeschool then. I had a name tag on my desk and my teacher wrote my name in cursive. I copied it and I went home. I had homework to do so I did my homework and wrote my name in cursive. My mom was next to me to help me do my work and to remind me to write my name. She was shock and happy when she saw me write cursive and said, “How?” My mom was proud of me. So she taught me how to write cursive the right way. I am getting better every day.

One day when I get older I can help kids learn how to write cursive. I’m very happy to share my story with you. See you next time!

Heaven Blog #1

By: Heaven B-Felder

My Cursive Copy Work.

Homemade Dinosaur fossils

By: Wislaine

So we are currently completing lessons about dinosaurs and the Bible. We are using schoolhouse teachers for our lessons. The children loves the videos provided for each lesson. As an adult I will say how informative each lessons are. A quiz is provided after every lesson. I provided a link below to check out schoolhouse teachers.

I wanted to do something fun with Heaven and Immense so I decided to have them make their own dinosaur fossils. It made sense since we are currently going over dinosaurs. The best part of this activity was watching them glow with excitement like always while shaping their Crayola air-dry clay. Not to much was needed for this activity.

What we used to make our fossils:

Rolling pin

Crayola air dry clay

Water ( to smooth out cracks)

Toy fossil dinosaurs

Paint if desired

Modge podge if desired


schoolhouseteacher sign up:


My Eclectic Learner

By: Wislaine

McGuffey Eclectic Reader

Do you have an eclectic learner? Well I do. He is very active, bright and communicate like an adult if he needs to. He’s a handful and I wouldn’t want it any other way. He has ADHD and getting him to stay focus can be hard. The perfect time for him to learn isn’t a set time. He always calms down at night or after a super active play time. His learning style is different and I understand it more and more everyday. He is more of a hands on learner. He loves science, flipping around the house, chasing his older sister til she scream. Yeah he is a handful and his name is Immense. No really, his name is Immense. I love the energy he brings in our home. He loves looking through books and creating his own story.

Reading for him was tricky at first. I use McGuffey Reader to help along the way. Prior to McGuffey I created a list of word families and it helped tremendously. McGuffey teaching style is not far from mines. I purchased his books online from two different online store ( amazon and thriftbooks). You can get free downloads from the google books the google play-store or this link from which is filled with tons of free ebooks.

Love you guys 😉

The Journey Begins

Written by: Wislaine

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. -Proverbs 22:6

Welcome to Last Minute Homeschooler. Homeschooling last minute wasn’t easy. My mind said one thing while my heart said something else. In the end I followed my heart. I made sure I knew my state law and I let God guide me. I didn’t worry about the negative view points I received or may receive from family, friends, associates or even strangers. I followed my heart aka my motherly instinct.

My children were home school from birth and they were always ahead. My daughter was remove from the public school system while in 2nd grade and my son was removed soon after during his first year of kindergarten. Did I get awkward stares? Yes, I did and I didn’t care. What I cared about was making the right decision for my family and being able to create a learning environment filled with Godliness, moral, truth, love, fun, patience and more. Now I am happy to say, today I am a home school mom and I love it.