By: Wislaine

McGuffey Eclectic Reader

Do you have an eclectic learner? Well I do. He is very active, bright and communicate like an adult if he needs to. He’s a handful and I wouldn’t want it any other way. He has ADHD and getting him to stay focus can be hard. The perfect time for him to learn isn’t a set time. He always calms down at night or after a super active play time. His learning style is different and I understand it more and more everyday. He is more of a hands on learner. He loves science, flipping around the house, chasing his older sister til she scream. Yeah he is a handful and his name is Immense. No really, his name is Immense. I love the energy he brings in our home. He loves looking through books and creating his own story.

Reading for him was tricky at first. I use McGuffey Reader to help along the way. Prior to McGuffey I created a list of word families and it helped tremendously. McGuffey teaching style is not far from mines. I purchased his books online from two different online store ( amazon and thriftbooks). You can get free downloads from the google books the google play-store or this link from which is filled with tons of free ebooks.

Love you guys 😉

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